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St. Jude's dance a success

Jerry Story dance raises $4,000.00 for St. Jude's

December 2012 Wheel-N-Deals Square Dance Club newsletter


December 2012 Come N' Take It Squares newsletter


Come 'N Take It Squares November newsletter and Halloween photo montage

The Come 'N Take It Squares had their 5th Monday Halloween Dance October 28th.

Please enjoy the photos taken that night by Charlene Berryman and Nancy Meador.

Everyone had a great time and those that dressed up, their costumes were fantastic!

Hope to see y'all next year!

Come 'N Take It Squares wishes to thank everyone for joining our FREE Dance on the Square Celebration October 6th, 2012!

The attached PDF file is a photo montage.

Photos were taken at our FREE Dance on the Square
celebrating the Come 'N Take It Festival, October 6th, 2012!


For those who were there, thank you so much for joining our family in the festivities and celebration!!

Update on Shirts 'n' Skirts

The name and function of the building formerly known as McCoy Elementary has changed.  There are now buses parked in the front lot.  But don't let either of these fool you.  We are still dancing on Wednesday nights in the cafeteria.  C'mon around to the back door like friends do.

Shirts 'n' Skirts Staying Put!

The Shirts 'n' Skirts were very recently informed that their long time facility, McCoy Elementary School in Georgetown, WILL be available for the foreseeable future after all!  So if you have read or heard of an impending move... please disregard!

Come N' Take It Squares February Newsletter, 2012


Texas Bluebonnets Anniversary/Farewell Dance

The Tx Bluebonnets ended their 17 years with a great party.

Texas Bluebonnets Fold


Unfortunately, the Texas Bluebonnets club has folded.  Below is some key information about the club for historical purposes.


Texas Bluebonnets  MS,+
7:30 - 9:30pm, 1st - 4th Tuesdays

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