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Come N' Take It Squares May and June Calendar, 2014

Hey Y'all! Meet our new students! Come be an angel! Come enjoy our good food and fun dancers! We'd love to see you in a square!

Fantastic FunDancers’ dance with Tony Oxendine calling in Schertz, Texas!

On March 30th., over one hundred square dancers attended a FunDancers’ dance with Tony Oxendine calling. There were mainstream, plus, and even A2 tips with line dancing, led by Billy Grimsley, between each tip. Everyone, including Tony, was having such a fantastic time that the club dance went well beyond normal close.

Check the ASRDA photo Gallery for some pictures of the dance.

Come N' Take It Squares wishes to thank all who made our 32nd Anniversary Dance a great success!

March 29th, 2014. It was a pretty cool day for the folks in Gonzales. The weather was perfect. Not hot. ... And the dance was a great success! Thanks to all for making it happen. Yellow Rock!

Come N' Take It Squares March and April Calendar, 2014

We've got some major dances coming up these next two months. Be sure to check out our calendar of events and be sure to save the dates!! See y'all in a square!

Fundancer's Charity Event

On Sunday January 12th Fundancers (Schertz, TX) held a very successful charity dance. All proceeds from this dance will be forwarded to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Jerry Story, from North Carolina, also had his caller fee waived so that all funds were for St. Jude. There were 75 dancers that attended, making nine squares and five plus squares. These dancers enjoyed the smooth and high energy calling of Jerry Story, separated by line dancing directed by Billy Grimsley.

Come N' Take It Squares January and February Calendar, 2014

Check out our January and February Calendar for 2014!

Hope to see you in a square!!

Shirts 'n' Skirts Dark on 11-27-13

The Shirts 'n' Skirts will not dance on 11-27-13.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Come N' Take It Squares November and December Calendar, 2013

Come join Come N' Take It Squares

every Monday evening

for some square dance fun and good cheer!

Check out our Calendar for the end of the year, 2013!

Wheel-N-Deals Square Dance Club Caller Schedule through the end of the year!

Here's the last quarter of our Caller Schedule for 2013!

Check it out, y'all. Every Thursday. Save the dates!

Come N' Take It Squares wishes to thank all who made our Annual Labor Day Dance a great success!

Check out our photo montage of a fun-filled evening of dancing
and all the hot dogs you could eat!

Thanks for celebrating Labor Day with us!!

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