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Federation Gold

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Mainstream Lessons will start on February 19th,  7-8 pm
(Regular club dancing will be 8-9:30)

History of Shirts'n'Skirts:

Shirts'n'Skirts began in 1969 when a group called the San Gabriel Swingers met in the Fellowship Hall of the First United Methodist Church in Georgetown . "Mr. Ed" Middlebrook was the caller for this club which danced for approximately three years. Sometime during 1974 a group wanted to form another square dance club and they hired Cecil Dunman to call. The new club was named Shirts'n'Skirts. Cecil called for approximately five years and was succeeded by Ed Larder, who called for more than ten years. Since 1991 Jim Hayes has been our regular caller. In 1999 Jerry and Lucy Pate began cueing round dancing for Shirts'n'Skirts and continue to do so today.

Our Caller

Jim Hayes and Shirley
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Our Cuers

 Lucy and  Jerry Pate

Our Line Dance Leader

Martha Burghart and Tony
ASRDA 2008-2009
Dancers of the Year

Dancers of the Year
Jay and Sue Welch


For more information contact:
President: Tony & Martha Burghart
Vice Presidents:
Dan & Kathy Amburn,
Alex & Pam Smith
Secretary: Hubert and Lorraine O'Neal
Treasurer: Chuck & Cheryl Sherman
ASRDA Delegate:
Joe & Bonnie Lowe
Social Chairpersons: Bob & Phyllis Smith, George Kane




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